An end to dry facial skin

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Winter can be rather difficult for people with sensitive and dry skin, both because of the hot inside heating which dries the epidermis, and because of the aggressive cold winds and stormy weather outside. You might worry there’s nothing you can do to make things better, but there is a solution!

Here are some simple tips you can apply daily that will help you avoid skin degradation, and maybe even decrease your symptoms and/or make your existing sensitivity disappear once and for all!

Cleaner skin: milk is your best friend!

The cleaning stage is often overlooked, but it is crucial!

A gel or foam cleanser may seem attractive… but the truth is that these products may dry out your skin even more. If you have sensitive and dry skin, you should opt instead for a cleansing milk, so as not to attack your skin. Feed it instead and give it a little more suppleness.

It is for this reason that we have formulated a cleansing milk suitable for dry and sensitive skin. You can use it twice a day without rinsing. And yes, you did read that correctly! Alipidic skin will benefit from using our cleansing milk by doing this: clean your face with our cleansing milk, and then quickly wipe your face with an organic cotton cleansing pad, leaving the excess milk on your skin! Then continue on with your usual skin care.

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Tap water? NO!

Yes, you read that correctly! Tap water is much too hard to be used on your pretty face! When it’s time to rinse the milk cleanser, choose thermal water or floral water instead of tap water. This will especially help skin with redness and other skin inflammations; you will see a big difference.

Protect sensitive skin from the cold!

Winter is really the worst time of year for anyone prone to dry and reactive dermatitis. It’s why we want to stress the importance of protecting yourself against the harsh winter weather by using a daily cream combined with a moisturizing serum.

PRO TIP: 7-day intensive treatment with ÖL cosmetics

When it comes time to apply your daily moisturizing cream, add a good amount of ÖL serum directly into your cream. Together, they will make a “mask” texture. Apply this mixture for 1 week and see your skin regain its hydration and radiance!