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Our History

Annie Poudrette

My interest in skin health and beauty began when my daughter developed an allergic reaction to certain skin care products.

Through research, I discovered that certain ingredients used in the manufacture of skin care products can weaken the skin and make it more sensitive and reactive. I was further amazed when I found out that 50% of people will suffer from some form of sensitive skin at one point in their life!

This led me to wonder how I could prevent this situation and so I began to study how our skin functions. It was then that I learned what our skin truly needs to find and maintain its natural balance. Now I knew what had to be done to keep skin healthy and beautiful.

While conducting my research, I discovered the exceptional benefits that some little-known plants, such as camelina, can provide. In collaboration with a team of biochemists, I developed a line of natural skin products that provide preventative and rejuvenative effects without the use of any harmful ingredients.

Today, I know you too can experience the benefits of these plants and have healthy and radiant skin.