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Camelina oil is also called “German sesame”  and ÖL means “oil” in German.

A word from the founder

The creation of ÖL’s natural cosmetics came about because of a few eye-opening events that gave me a deep desire to enrich and add value to my own life and to the lives of others.

My life always seemed to be going pretty well, but there was always something that seemed to be missing; something that was keeping me from being truly happy. I had the persistent feeling that I was somehow a prisoner to the stresses that seem to be so pervasive in our North American lifestyle. Then came a day when my work schedule suddenly freed up, and it was in this period of free extra TIME that a real revelation came to me!

This quest to leave my mark on the world, to do something concrete, to do something meaningful, was becoming more and more pressing. It was during this time that I started to read the book “Zero Waste Home” by Bea Johnson, and it was quite a revelation to me. As well as discovering a way to live life more simply, I also discovered a lot about our habits and our lifestyles… and about how harmful the ingredients in regular cosmetics can be to us!

That reminded me of an event that had occurred a few months prior. My daughter had received some bath products for her birthday. So I let her take a bath with her gifts and, on leaving the bath, the horror: red plaques covered her entire body! This frightful episode gave me an acute awareness and sensitivity to the effects cosmetics can have on people, and it became the trigger for all my actions afterwards.

Natural and organic skin care products

I worked closely with experts in the production of natural and organic cosmetics to create a range of natural skin care products made with camelina oil from Quebec. Because in addition to revitalizing dry and dull skin, camelina oil is most ideally suited for rebalancing skin imbalances, all while being soft enough for sensitive and reactive skin… Just like my daughter’s skin!
Let yourself be inspired by our range of cosmetics.

Our commitment

We are committed to making and providing you with skin care products that are simple, healthy, and effective.


Our product ingredients are simply assembled from nature itself. They are carefully chosen and assembled to nourish your skin with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and regain its original appearance. Our products are all family-friendly.


Through our proactive approach to health, we offer skin care products that will help your skin maintain its natural balance. We view health holistically, and only uselocal plants that are grown with eco-friendly practices.


Our years of research and experience enable us to selectively chooseand assemble the most complete and efficient plants and ingredients that work in harmony to maximize the properties and benefits of our skin care products.


It is with the greatest care and a holistic approach that we select our ingredients so that they contribute to a more effective action for the skin.


Saffron is part of the spice family and has its origins in Europe, although we do find some saffron trees in Quebec. It is sometimes called “red gold” for its red color and its great value.

Saffron naturally contains carotenoids that contribute to the restoration of your skin and stimulate the production of collagen. The high content of antioxidants (safranal, beta-carotene, and lycopene) helps delay many signs of aging, like wrinkles. With the powerful antioxidants it contains, saffron acts as an active interceptor of free radicals and slows the aging of skin cells.

Saffron will naturally give your skin more radiance and brighter complexion. Having many antibacterial properties, it will also help prevent the appearance of acne. Surprisingly, it also helps reduce pigment spots.


Elderberry (or white elderberry) is native to North America. Elderberry extract is obtained from the dark purple berries the elderberry plant produces.
Elderberries are very rich in polyphenols (quercetins, antocyanins, rutins, and catechins), powerful antioxidants that help trap free radicals. They are also a great source of vitamin A and vitamin C, contributing to the production of collagen.
Appreciated for their softening and moisturizing properties, they also help to slow the development of wrinkles and protect the skin from sun damage. In addition, they help facilitate cellular regeneration. They also provide some anti-inflammatory action, and will help soothe sensitive skin.


Originally from Europe and Asia, sea buckthorn is now well established in Quebec. Sea buckthorn extract is obtained from the plant’s small, colorful berries.

Sea buckthorn is one of the few plants to have four essential fatty acids: Omega-3, -6, -7 and -9. It is very rich in vitamin A, beta-carotene, and is unique in containing fifteen different carotenoids, all together providing an exceptional anti-aging effect!

Sea buckthorn has remarkable healing properties and helps regulate sebum. It possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties and, as a result, is very popular with people suffering from skin problems and reactions, like eczema.

With its high and varied of carotenoids, sea buckthorn helps with the regeneration of collagen and of elastin, thereby acting as a powerful anti-aging ingredient.

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