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Naturally Soothe Redness

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The Siberian cold that has fallen over Quebec in the last few days leaves NO rest for people with sensitive skin. Let’s just say that people with a little redness in the face have a lot more inconvenience right now, especially because the cold temperatures exasperate their problem. Fortunately, we have several solutions for you, all made with local, natural and organic ingredients!

Our Moisturizing Cream contains active ingredients that will not only help soothe your skin, but also provide it with what it needs to fight against oxidative stress and skin aging … but very gently!

Camelina Oil from Quebec

Camelina oil is composed of a unique ratio of essential fatty acids, close to 35% of which is omega-3. That represents the highest concentration used in cosmetics today. It’s this perfect balance that makes camelina oil an ideal ally, especially for delicate, fragile, and reactive skin!

But Why Are Omegas Important?

Omegas are important because they reinforce the walls of your skin cells and protect them from the effects of free radicals. Omega-3s are essential for balancing the skin and preserving the hydrolipidic film that acts as a natural defensive barrier to the epidermis.

Facial cream ÖL Cosmetiques

Sea Buckthorn Against Age Spots

Sea buckthorn has an extraordinary richness in provitamin A, including beta-carotene and has 15 different carotenoids, which is exceptional in the plant kingdom. This composition allows the renewal of collagen and elastin of your skin, which maintains skin integrity.

Saffron: Antioxidant par Excellence

Saffron is an excellent anti-aging ally because it fights free radicals effectively and promotes a better circulation to your face, thereby giving your skin a firm and toned appearance. In addition, it brightens your complexion to make you look all the better and brighter!

Elderberry on the Skin

Polyphenols from elderberries, especially quercetins, antocyanins, rutins and catechins, are recognized by the scientific community as an effective means for addressing skin problems. These types of antioxidants will pour all their energy into restoring your damaged skin by helping regenerate your skin cells.