Elderberry, for a Divine Beauty

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Since the dawn of time, elderberry has always had a very magical aura to it. Starting with the very earliest of civilizations, elderberry was always associated with the greatest of the female goddesses, evoking all the maternal generosity of this shrub.

After reading through the research and literature on elderberry, I can confirm with certainty that it does indeed hold immensely generous properties. John Evelyn, a well-known English herbalist of the 17th century said nearly everything could be treated with it, from toothaches to the plague, regardless of whether it was an internal or external problem. Every part of the tree is medicinal; you can use its bark, flowers, and fruit to relieve all the bodies ailments. In particular, the ÖL team was interested in its berries. Because they are so abundant in polyphenols, they are like little gems of youthful rejuvenation for our skin.

Polyphenols are a large family of antioxidants. One could write for quite a long time about the role antioxidants have on our health. But to be brief, let’s just say they are primarily responsible for neutralizing or reducing the effect of free radicals on our body. Free radicals are the imbalances within our body that accelerate the aging of our cells, caused by stress, poor nutrition, alcohol, tobacco, pollution, etc. No one is immune, so antioxidants are essential for keeping yourself healthy for as long as possible.


When it comes to their polyphenol concentration, elderberries grab people’s attention. They far surpass the concentrations seen in most of the fruits we eat in Quebec. Why integrate them into the cosmetics of our ÖL product line? Because the elderberry polyphenols, especially quercetins, antocyanins, rutins, and catechins, are recognized by scientific research to address skin problems. These types of antioxidants will devote all their energy into restoring damaged skin by regenerating skin cells. They will also give the skin the elasticity it needs, which will prevent premature aging, and slow down the development of wrinkles. Magic, right? Some studies even show that polyphenols act as a skin protector when exposed to the sun’s ultra-violet rays. A precious ally for your next trip to the beach!

In addition, elderberries are a very good source of vitamin A and C, they have anti-inflammatory properties, they have super interesting anti-viral properties, they promote the elimination of toxins from the body, and they contribute to a healthy immune system by providing it with prebiotics. We could also greatly benefit from including this fruit in our diet, especially when viruses are going around.

Facial cream ÖL Cosmetics

With ÖL cosmetics, your skin benefits from all the wonderful benefits of elderberry. The compound of elderberry with camelina oil, sea buckthorn, and saffron will transport you to the world of goddesses, where your skin is silky and soft, and where your complexion is radiant. What are you waiting for, come take that voyage with us now!

Marie-Ève ​​Lussier, student in herbalism and naturopathy

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