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All-natural skin care

Visible results for your skin

Discover our all-natural, vegan, and made-in-Quebec skin care products for your face and body.

Our skin care treatments provide your skin everything it needs to maintain its natural balance and integrity. You will no longer have to camouflage your imperfections; let your skin glow again!

25 ML

This serum is the ideal treatment to revitalize and strengthen your skin. It reduces the appearance of visible wrinkles and provides your skin with optimal hydration.

50 ML

This cream hydrates the skin and restores your skin’s radiant complexion. It smooths skin imperfections and prevents the signs of aging.

120 ML

This milk cleanses and gently removes make-up from your skin, all while maintaining your skin’s balance and preserving its natural hydration.

30 ML

This exfoliant decongests your pores and gently frees it of dead skin cells. It leaves your skin soft and bright.

100 ML

Rich in minerals and trace elements, this marine mud mask purifies your skin and deeply nourishes it, providing your skin with intense hydration.

50 ML

This cream brings visible relief to dry skin, nourishes it, and preserves its hydration. It restores suppleness and softness to the skin.
Ce savon pour le corps nettoie et hydrate la peau en douceur. Composé d’huile de caméline, il nourrit la peau et la laisse douce et soyeuse.  

250 ML

This body milk provides quick relief to dry skin by restoring its suppleness and softness. It helps preserve your skin’s natural hydration.
Retrouvez dans ce coffret des soins qui vous envelopperont de douceur :  
  • Un savon à la caméline
  • Un lait hydratant corps
  • Une crème mains nourrissante


Cruelty free

Gluten free

GMO Free

Manufactured in the laboratory