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Beauty tips

Our blog is about natural beauty products and natural/active ingredients. Your will find natural beauty tips for sensitive and difficult skins and skin care tips. See how an active lifestyle can improve your skin and which simple beauty habits you can easily adopt to keep your skin healthy. They are super easy to do at home and you will look radiant on any situation.

Jeune femme aux cheveux et yeux bruns dans la nature

5 Tips for a Radiant Complexion

Spring is a time of transition and of renewal. It’s the perfect time for a makeover, and an opportunity to change how we nourish our…
Boire beaucoup d'eau contribue à l'hydratation de la peau et à un teint radieux !

Let’s talk hydration!

It is absolutely essential you drink enough water to keep your skin healthy. You can apply all the serums you want, but your skin will…
l'huile de cacay possède de multiples bienfaits anti-âge, antioxydante et hydratante pour la peau du visage, excellente pour les peaux matures et sèches

The Benefits of Cacay Oil

The main goals of a moisturizer are, of course, to protect your skin and to nourish it. However, there are some ingredients that will moisturize…
Crème hydratante visage cameline

Naturally Soothe Redness

The Siberian cold that has fallen over Quebec in the last few days leaves NO rest for people with sensitive skin. Let’s just say that…
Sérum et crème pour le visage öl cosmétiques

An end to dry facial skin

Winter can be rather difficult for people with sensitive and dry skin, both because of the hot inside heating which dries the epidermis, and because…