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Our values

What makes us unique

Local Economy

As an active participant in the local economy, we prefer to use plants grown locally in Quebec when formulating our skin care products. However, in order to provide you with the most effective and best performing products, we sometimes also infuse our products with plants from other regions.

Respect for Nature

We use plants from eco-friendly crops that are grown in a sustainable manner. The plants we use in our skin care products start from non-genetically modified seeds, are grown with organic and natural fertilizers, and are cultivated without fungicides or insecticides.

We do not use any palm oil in our products.

The cardboard used for our packaging is FSC certified, identifying it as coming from responsible sources that meet FSC’s strict environmental and social standards.


No animal testing is performed during the development or manufacture of ÖL cosmetic products. None of the ingredients in our skin care products are derived from animals.


Because healthy skin doesn’t just come from a jar of cream, we treat your skin in a more holistic way. We help you find and maintain your internal balance, so that this harmony is reflected in a healthier and more radiant skin.